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SR2020 has been developing specialized borehole data processing algorithms and methods for over 15 years and has the largest library of processing techniques in the industry.

SR2020 Inc. has years of experience processing data from the most complex geologic environments. These include marine and land settings where focused and detailed analyses are conducted to illuminate targets using the most advanced algorithms. Our team of scientists is highly specialized and solely dedicated to borehole seismology including the areas of pre-stack processing, depth imaging, velocity modeling and microseismic analysis. We continue to heavily invest in the development of new, more effective processing algorithms focused on depth imaging solutions that can be tailored to the given geologic target. Our borehole seismic processing tools, developed over the last 15 years, allow us to solve complex processing problems that include:

Over the last 15 years we developed fit-for-purpose tools and algorithms to handle large 3D borehole seismic data sets. Our deep understanding of traditional surface seismic processing methods in combination with our insights into borehole seismic aspects allows us to rapidly create and optimally apply specialized fit-for-purpose algorithms. Our borehole seismic software library includes a large variety of modules which include our proprietary algorithms for the analysis of 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D VSP data including micro-seismic data. These modules have been proven through use in a multitude of projects and are constantly being improved by SR2020’s active, on-going R&D effort driven by highly experienced geoscientists, mathematicians and software developers. Several of our key algorithms are in the process of being patented.

In the past SR2020 performed some of our software infrastructure development as co-operative R&D projects in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy. Our advanced software framework allows us to rapidly prototype novel algorithms and ideas, greatly reducing time to deployment on our projects. As part of our R&D activity we welcome cooperative short and long-term applied technology development projects with our clients and offer to tailor our tools to focus on particular client needs.

Besides the standard set of borehole seismic processing methods, we utilize state-of-the art algorithms and software tools, such as true-amplitude multi-component Kirchhoff pres-tack depth migration, wave equation depth migration, multiple migrations, interferometric imaging algorithms, interferometric salt proximity estimations, as well as near well interferometric seismic imaging and micro-seismic event imaging.