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Seismic modeling offerings are designed to increase our understanding of the results we might expect from conducting a survey

SR2020 routinely goes beyond the commonly offered modeling services, that are often cartoonlike and merely used as a sales tool. In contrast, our experience has repeatedly shown that, realistic sophisticated modeling is one of the cornerstones of a successful borehole seismic project. We continue to heavily invest in the development of new and more effective modeling algorithms focused on survey design solutions that can be tailored to the given geologic target. In addition, SR2020 is capable of conducting sophisticated R&D modeling activities for clients and we welcome the opportunity to participate in short or long-term cooperative applied technology development activities with our clients. Our team of scientists uses external, as well as, specialized in-house tools and highly accurate modeling algorithms. SR2020’s borehole seismic processing tools, developed over the last 15 years, allow us to solve complex survey design and modeling problems that include: