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SR2020 is an independent services and technology company dedicated to answering difficult reservoir management questions through the application of advanced borehole seismic methods

High-definition bore hole seismic, VSP and microseismic is proven to optimize reservoir management by providing information not available using competing tools, and through the use of SR2020’s ProVSP, is a compelling alternative to surface recorded 3-D seismic, deferring the costs of acquiring and processing seismic while accelerating delivery of decision-critical data. Especially for mapping small-scale reservoir details and time-lapse monitoring of fluid distribution, the technology delivers precise and accurate data to optimally produce the reservoirs. ProVSP revolutionized seismic data in the way that the smartphone revolutionized telephones – we have taken a proven tool and expanded its application to oilfield operations. SR2020 leveraged decades of experience in subsurface geophysics to develop the next generation microseismic solution, more accurate and more reliable giving operators new confidence in microseismic frac monitoring.

SR2020 Inc. is an investee company of International Oil and Gas Technology Ltd. (LSE:OGT – The company has a long history in borehole seismic technology, reservoir characterization and monitoring challenges and is comprised of one of the largest, most skilled and most experienced concentration of borehole seismic knowledge in the world.