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Tubing deployed, large antenna systems for the full-range of high definition borehole imaging challenges.

SR2020’s patented tubing deployed, analog systems are unrivaled in the industry

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SR2020 is the leading oil & gas service company to offer long, wide aperture, 3-component geophone arrays for down-hole deployment and acquisition. Our standard tubing deployed borehole seismic arrays have the option of delivering 80, 160, 240, 320 or 400 levels.  SR2020’s acquisition system can be easily deployed in vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells to properly tie surface seismic data to down-hole date necessary improving reservoir imaging, modeling and characterization.

Borehole Receiver and Conveyance System Advantages

SR2020’s advanced borehole receivers are used to capture sonic signals and transmit them via our specially designed cables to recording systems. The key advantages of our system include:


Receiver Specifications

SR2020’s receiver array deployment system has been field proven with over 100 jobs

SR2020’s standard 80 level receiver array deployment system consists of 80 individual pod housings spaced either 25 or 50 feet apart by joints of standard production tubing. The maximum well I.D. can vary from 4.5” to 8.5” depending on the casing size in the well.  The array can be completed to surface from the top geophone pod housing using similar size production tubing.

SR2020’s system is assembled on-site for careful deployment

SR2020’s receiver array deployment system can be easily transported in a single cargo container and quickly assembled at the well site by a small group of trained field  personnel.

1. Geophone pod housings are attached between the precisely measured joints of production tubing

2. Cables with mounted geophone packages are spooled off and combined with pod housings

3. A standard work over rig or crane are used to lower the complete package into the well

4. Combination cable, geophone pods and tubing are carefully lowered through the well head

5. Hand slips and split slip bowl are used to hang the tubing

6. A high clamping force connection between the casing and geophones is achieved by inflating the geophone pod bladders with N2

SR2020 typically deploys at least an 80-level 3C (V, H1, H2) array providing for a total of 240 channels per array.  We can deploy as many as five 80-level 3C clamped arrays into one well for a total of 400 levels, or 1200 channels, in one well. We can also deploy the receiver arrays in multiple wells simultaneously. This will increase the reservoir volume imaged significantly.  Our arrays can be deployed in vertical, deviated or horizontal wells. Typical, expected rig time estimates for deploying and recovering a single 80-level array with 50’ pod spacing are:

SR2020 can either provide its own recording system or connect to an industry standard system

1. Our down-hole array can easily be connected to any standard surface seismic recording system

2. SR2020 field geophysicists provide onsite data QC services to ensure the highest quality data possible